Nature's Favorite Vegetable: Perfected

White Diamond Potatoes are raised with passion and purpose. Each premium potato variety is developed and raised for a specific use, with some varieties taking over fifteen years to develop perfectly. The Dakota White Diamond makes the best ever fresh-cut chip. The Dakota Diamond Russet makes an excellent fresh-cut French fry. Our innovation, integrity and experience are revealed in each and every potato.

High Sensory Ratings

Sensory ratings are all about taste, texture and appearance. Our expert growing methods, ideal climate and soil conditions, and deluxe storage facilities have resulted in premium potatoes with optimal gravity and very high sensory ratings. In fact, some varieties have the highest sensory rating of all similar varieties measured.

All Natural and Non-GMO

Our commitment to sustainable agricultural practices means we use land and water responsibly, and use nutrients minimally. The result: healthier produce for today, and protected land for future generations.