The DAKOTA DIAMOND RUSSET makes perfect fresh-cut fries because of its high density, great flavor and consistent performance.You’ll appreciate an improved frying process, and the longer hold time after cooking. Taste the farm-to-table freshness from the best potatoes in the country.Introducing the Diamond Russet™
Grown with integrity

It can take up to fifteen years to develop a unique potato variety, and at White Diamond Potatoes, we are committed to the process. Working closely with the potato breeding program at North Dakota State University’s (NDSU) Research and Development Foundation, we donate testing plots and provide support to their important work. While they are focused on developing new cultivars resistant to disease, we believe there is value in identifying and developing potato varieties best suited for specific preparations.


The excellent soils in the glacial ridge of the Northern Plains region, along with the warm days and cool nights, mean ideal growing conditions for premium potatoes.  Investments in proper irrigation and storage methods result in a potato performing consistently all year round.

The Diamond Russet is non-GMO, and is raised using eco-friendly practices. It does not require growing treatments used for the Russet Burbank, and the plant is resistant to verticillium wilt and late blight.

The Diamond Russet is available year round in a 50# box.

Diamond Russet potatoes are ideal for fresh-cut fries and baked potatoes. AVAILABLE IN 50 LB BOXES, APPROXIMATELY 70 COUNT.

Learn more about the improved frying process with the Diamond Russet.
Unique attributes of the Diamond Russet


  • Performs consistently as an amazing fresh-cut fry, or as an excellent baked potato
  • Very little variation in taste or texture in all seasons
  • Maintains a longer hold time after cooking, retaining freshness, firmness and flavor


  • Maintains a light color after frying
  • Doesn’t darken at different times of the year

Superior Flavor

  • The high density of the Diamond Russet delivers a superior flavor
  • It makes better tasting fresh-cut fries because no soaking or blanching is needed
The Diamond Russet for Healthier, Tastier Fresh-Cut Fries
Less Calories, Less fat, and More Nutrition. Improved Frying Process Saves Time & Expense
  • Just cut and fry!  No soaking needed!  No blanching needed! Reduces labor time
  • Less frying time needed – reducing labor and energy
  • Absorbs less oil when frying – reducing the amount of cooking oil needed

Download our one-page summary of the Diamond Russet to take one with you.