Savor the amazing flavor of fresh-cut chips made from the WHITE DIAMOND. With no soaking or blanching required, this premier chipping potato delivers a light texture, white color, and a long hold time after cooking. Introduce a new signature dish that will never disappoint.
Introducing the White Diamond™
The premier chipping potato

There is no better potato for fresh-cut chips – anywhere. The White Diamond makes the very best fresh-cut potato chips because of its amazing flavor, consistently white color, and light yet firm texture.

Agronomics & storage

The ideal growing conditions of the Northern Plains region combined with the exceptional growing standards of White Diamond Potatoes have resulted in the single best chipping potato in the world. The White Diamond is non-GMO, and available most months of the year, in a 50 lb. box. Store at a temperature no cooler than 45 degrees.


Learn more about the improved frying process of the White Diamond
Unique attributes of the White Diamond

Consistency and Appearance

  • Performs consistently as a delicious fresh-cut chip, as a smaller fresh-cut fry, or as an excellent baked potato
  • Its creamy white flesh remains white, and doesn’t darken at different times of the year
  • Very little variation in taste or texture in all seasons
  • Maintains a longer hold time after cooking, retaining freshness, firmness and flavor

Superior Flavor

  • The high density of the White Diamond delivers a superior flavor
  • It makes better tasting fresh-cut chips because less oil is needed in cooking
The White Diamond for healthier, tastier fresh-cut chips
  • Less Calories, Less fat, and More Nutrition
  • Improved Frying Process Saves Time & Expense
    • Less frying time needed – reducing labor and energy
    • Absorbs less oil when frying – reducing the amount of cooking oil needed

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